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We have an active lesson program for kids and adults! Our weekly lesson program, taught on our wonderful school horses, is geared for a recreational rider who is looking to learn proper horsemanship and riding skills in a group environment. Our classes are small (typically 4-5 students) and are generally grouped by age and ability. Our group classes are one hour in length on a weekly basis. Our group lessons are supportive and fun – we believe that riders enjoy sharing the learning process and learn from each others experiences! We do not accept students under 9 years of age for regular riding lessons, but please consider the Young Rider Camps as an introduction for your child. We do not offer private lessons on our school horses.

We have a large, well-lit outdoor arena, as well as a spacious indoor arena. We rarely cancel lessons due to weather.


We offer weekly, one-hour lessons, and students ride continuously and year round. The payment schedule is $480 for 8 lessons, which are to be taken within a 10 week period. Students can miss up to 2 lessons with no penalty. Payment is due on the 8th lesson for the next payment period.

We do not offer one-time lessons, trail rides, or appointments. Please contact me with any additional questions!

Continuous Program

Twin Oaks operates a year round lesson program, like typical dance or piano lessons. All students ride once a week, but additional lessons are available. We believe that students who participate weekly make more progress than those who come intermittently. You will have a specific day and time for your one-hour class.


We require our students to wear an ASTM approved hard hat (helmet) at all times on the horse. We also have a selection of “loaner” hard hats that you can wear for your first few lessons until you can get your own. We recommend that you wear standard riding pants and paddock boots. Paddock boots are short, lace-up boots. As with helmets, we have extra paddock boots in our tack room that you can borrow until you purchase your own.

To purchase your own riding equipment, we recommend Dover Saddlery ,   Another Turn Tack, and the Middleburg Tack Exchange which are all local businesses. Another Turn and Middleburg sell both used and new equipment for reasonable prices.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions!